Open Days

Kallum, the engineer I am shadowing, is very helpful. He has good all-around knowledge and is very friendly. I appreciate all the help he has given me. The overall experience has been good.

Lee Williams

The Problem

After many years of window cleaning, Lee decided he was ready for a career change. He wanted to spend less time working outside in the unpredictable UK weather, and avoid wet and windy conditions in the winter months. In need of a new challenge, Lee embarked on his journey to becoming a fully qualified gas safe engineer.

The Solution

In order to successfully complete his Gas Training course with Brookhouse, he was required to attend a 40-day placement, where he shadowed experienced heating engineers and gained experience in a range of tasks required to sit his gas exams and qualify. 

Lee carried out his placement with Plumbcare who have recently joined forces with Brookhouse Gas Training. By providing Plumbcare with the early opportunity to nurture talent and assess students’ suitability, Brookhouse Training gives them the opportunity to potentially prepare candidates for permanent employment in the future. Read more about our collaboration with Plumbcare on their website:

Following Lee’s work experience placement, he shared his experience, best bits and plans for the future with us to give anyone looking to change careers the confidence to succeed: 

“Although I’m still quite new, I enjoy the fault-finding aspects of the role. I think that once I have gained the knowledge and experience of working on the job for longer, this is something I will get a lot out of, though I like all the other parts of the job as well.”

We are beyond proud to note that after his successful placement, Lee has been invited to interview for a position with once he is qualified.

The nature of the job is challenging but I have learnt how preparation and planning, taking into account everything I’ve learnt, make things much easier. I’d like to work with a company for a few years to really build my knowledge and experience and learn from other engineers. I may want to go out on my own one day but for now, I’m happy working in a company like