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Why distance learning is a bad idea for gas training

Decades worth of experience in training students to become gas and plumbing experts has allowed our brand to develop into the ‘friendly and high-quality’ training centre it is known as today. We get to know our students on both a professional and personal level to ensure your time at Brookhouse is enjoyable, helping you become confident in communicating with the trainers and excel in your course. These are some of the qualities our fully equipped training centre possess and why we believe face to face training is an essential factor since gas training requires actual, practical, hands-on gas training experience.

The thought of students being offered remote training or distant learning as a ‘virtual’ or ‘real’ learning experience is quite disturbing. Practical learning is essential to any gas or plumbing course; it gives students real experience and allows them to fully understand the ins and outs of the machinery, identify faults when needed, fix issues that arise while on the job. Whilst distant learning might seem like a great option for all students, especially those with young families, it is essential to give students the teachings that will make them competent in their job once in full time employment. You cannot – and you shouldn’t – be learning how to solder purely online! Providing flexible learning options – like evening or weekend courses – is obviously important as people have different life commitments. That’s also one of the reasons why we find out students placements that are local to them. However, regardless of the format of the course chosen, practical sessions are always a necessity and are required by us before a student qualifies

Whilst we can see the appeal to students wanting to take gas courses remotely such as saving time and money on travel, we hear from our industry partners that these students just didn’t receive the kind of training that prepared them well enough for employment. Our trainers don’t just teach our students the gas training handbook or how to pass the ACS Assessment. We prepare them for real work, helping them to understand why something might go wrong and how to fix it.

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