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Why Choose a Career in Gas?

Are you wondering how to become successful in a new career in gas? This article will help you discover whether a career in gas is the right choice for you.

Over the past year, people have been hit hard with pandemic restrictions. Furlough and unemployment forced people to change their career goals and adapt to a new world. 

We realised what was truly important and trade roles were amongst the jobs listed as essential, including gas engineers and plumbing. 

Demand for trade experts is ever growing with 85% of UK homes are heated by natural gas, and 46% of all UK energy use is attributable to heating residential dwellings (Department of Energy and Climate Change, 2013), meaning you won’t ever be out of work if you go down the trade career path.

Am I the right fit for the job?

If you find yourself relating to any of these points below, a change in career may be the right next step for you:

  • Don’t feel like you’re suited to the 9-5 office routine
  • Desire a physical job where you’re kept active
  • Want a career you can implement into your day-to-day life
  • Do you enjoy fixing things
  • Do you enjoy being busy

Although it has been in the past the norm to start a trade career at a young age, we are seeing an ever-increasing number of people looking to change their career later in life. 

You can come from any industry, be of any age or gender and start a successful career in the gas engineering industry. Brookhouse can help you put your foot in the door to this promising industry.

What does a career in gas look like?

Once you have successfully completed the training courses and completed your work placement, the world is your oyster. If you choose to become self-employed you can set up your own business and work flexible hours to suit family life. 

Day to day tasks may include:

  • Installing gas appliances and systems 
  • Planned maintenance checks on equipment, systems and appliances 
  • Testing controls and safety devices 
  • Repairing and replacing faulty parts 
  • Ordering new parts where necessary 
  • Finding and repairing gas leaks

There is a shortage of gas engineers so finding work will be relatively easy with the right guidance from the network of people in the trade industry. You will find that people in this industry are always willing to help you grow and are interested in supporting each other.

Click here, to find out about other people’s experiences of starting their new career with the help of Brookhouse.

How do I start my career in Gas Engineering?

A successful career in Gas Engineering and Plumbing starts with gaining certifications and experience. 

Here at Brookhouse, we make it easy for you to transition into your new career. Brookhouse is accredited as the only independent training provider in the UK to offer a quality assured Managed Learning Programme (MLP) in Domestic Gas training. 

We have many industry partners, awarding bodies and affiliations such as: BPEC, Gas Safe, and GILG. We are also the only UK Training Centre to guarantee a work placement. 

For more information please visit our COVID-19 Update page: 

kkk kkkkkk kkk
15:43 07 Jul 24
Stop thinking about doing the course and get it done.I was a hgv driver for over 15 years no experience in plumbing and gas and was threatening to do the course for a while just wish I had done it sooner.Please don't think u can just attend and pass coz u can't. If u put the work in and study u can pass and succeed. There was times on the course I was thinking how am I going to pass this and wish I hadn't of started it. But after the placement and studying it all sinks in trust. My tutor Chris is a top guy helped with anything I don't understand. Placement was very good I got took on straight away after passing my acs. It took me all in 6 months so it can be done. So it's been just over a year now that I've been employed, the company I work for have paid me to do cookes/fires/Lpg all qualified now. Also I have been doing some jobs of my own aswell. Get it done 5 STAR 100%
Michael GreenwoodMichael Greenwood
11:03 26 Jun 24
I left the Royal Marines after 15 years, having only ever known one employment. The gulf between careers seemed massive.Brook house bridged that gap perfectly. The staff all have a genuine investment in your success.The training and facilities are excellent and leave you well prepared for what you will encounter on site.The work placement was brilliant and selected with care to put you in a strong position to complete your portfolio and ACS.Upon completion Brook house provided advice and support to help me find employment…. 3 days later I was employed.I can’t thank the team enough…well worth it !!
Daniel CroftDaniel Croft
18:57 23 May 24
Can't fault this place at all. It was a great place to learn, the tutors were very knowledgeable and patient. It is a fast paced course especially if you have no previous plumbing/gas experience, but if you take their advice to revise and read the books provided it makes it a lot easier to take it all in.My placement was a bit up and down. My placement was cancelled at the last minute but BTC had set me up with another but this could only be for a month. During that month BTC had kept on it and arranged a permanent placement who I am now fully employed with. Cheers Tim. When on placement I needed to get in contact with my tutor for a couple of questions. He was easy to get hold of and was happy to help. Cheers John.All in all I am very happy that I chose Brookhouse and would recommend to anyone.Thank you all at BTC
Ben AndrewBen Andrew
11:41 18 May 24
Best decision I've made with my life.I qualified in around 7 months and got a job with British Gas immediately after passing. The instructors were great, really knew their stuff.Portfolio jobs were marked off by staff usually within a week. Guaranteed placement was good but there were a few issues such as not doing enough gas jobs but it was sorted by brookhouse.£7,000, leaving a job and 6 months unpaid training is a big decision to make. It paid off massively for me. I've now got a career I love, a large payrise and a job I enjoy.A few tips-Study hard, it's a fast paced course.-Have a plan of what you want too do after, I'd recommend employment after. 6 months isn't enough to go self employed I feel.-worth getting accommodation so you can focus on course.